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What are we: A collaboration of Swiss private hotels

Swiss hospitality collection (Shc) is an association of Swiss hotels with shared interests. It provides an advantageous alternative to standard management and distribution models while respecting entrepreneurial independence and allowing individual market presence.

Hotels face rapidly rising distribution costs, ever-greater dependence on distribution channels and an increasingly complex distribution universe. Partnership with SHC helps hotels meet these challenges by allowing access to state of the art global distribution system (GDS) and web booking engine (WBE) tools, favorable credit terms and sales support.

Shc can also help hoteliers make smarter distribution decisions—without sacrificing identity or independence. The main goals of all Shc members are to increase sales across all channels and reduce overall costs.

Shc is focussed on Swiss private hotels, helping them to assert themselves in the Swiss market, even in the face of competition from international groups.

The association was founded in 2011 by brothers Alexander and Michael Manz and Gianluca Marongiu.

Video about SHC (Recorded at IGEHO 2013)

Charta of the Swiss hospitality collection

What we offer: Alternative distribution solutions for Swiss private hotels

The basic concept of Shc comprises three pillars: increasing sales, cutting costs, preserving independence:

Increasing sales, cutting costs, preserving independence

  • Access to all relevant distribution channels (GDS, IDS, WBE)
  • Advice on production and sales optimization, including services in the areas of sales and marketing, revenue management and social media
  • Significant cost savings thanks to our members’ large combined sales volume
  • Use of the state-of-the-art CRS (SynXis) reservation system adapted to Switzerland's unique conditions
  • Service cost savings for all of the above based on reservation volume
  • Communal solutions for Swiss private hotels via an interest-group association

Your contact:

Corinne Balz, Marketing director & member of the board / +41 79 811 22 29


Swiss hospitality collection

Form: Aktiengesellschaft (AG)

Directorial board: Alexander Manz, Michael Manz, Gianluca Marongiu, Raphael Wyniger.

Directorial representative: Alexander Manz


Bettina Käfinger, Senior Sales Consultant


Untermüli 7, Postfach 4440, 6304 Zug
VAT: CHE-486.552.235